Fricke SP20 anti-virus surface coating

surface coating with
virucidal effect

  • Longlasting virucidal effect
  • 1 application, 12 months of protection
  • Easy to apply
  • Suitable for public facilities
  • Cost-saving
  • BAuA registered
  • Developed & made in Germany
Fricke SP20 anti-virus surface coating

Permanent anti-virus coating for most surfaces - up to 12 months of lasting virucidal effect with one single application

Fricke SP20 coating provides lasting protection for virtually all smooth surfaces in your building, including door handles, handrails, window handles, elevator control panels, computer keyboards, desks, tables, cupboards and more.

Perfectly suitable for all public buildings and public transport facitilies like airports, train stations, bus stations, school buildings, restaurants, shopping centres. Safe. Reliable. Convenient.

Coronaviruses may remain infectious on surfaces for several days. The extremely thin, crystal clear SP20 protection layer breaks the infection chain by killing 99% of all viruses with envelopes (yes, that includes corona and influenza - among many others) within two hours. SP20 will stay effectively virucidal for up to 12 months after an application.

Reduce your travellers' and customers' risks with SP20 by coating of critical surfaces and parts.

Registered at the German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA)
In accordance with ChemBiozidMeldeV, Reg. No. N-9152 / Reg. No. N-91522

SP20 permanent virucidal coating

The precursors of SP20 were primarily developped to protect surfaces against multiresistant bacteria in hospitals and other critical medical environments. They were specialised products - but laboratory findings showed how much broader the field of application could be.

Cue SP20 - one of the first coatings, that effectively eliminates 99% of viruses and bacteria within 2 hours. Left untreated, many viruses (corona viruses included) may stay infectious for several days.

Realising the huge potential of SP20, Fricke has started catering this potent anti-virus coating (available for different type of applications) with a core focus on public transport and aviation facilities, for example airports, train stations, trains, buses and shops in public places with high cusomter frequencies.

High volume passenger traffic from and to many locations makes it vital for any airport to provide a bacteriologically safe environment. Nowhere else do so many people from so many places come into contact with one another.

SP20 provides additional safety. With our coating, most smooth surfaces can be made bacteria-repellent and virucide - as proven by laboratory tests. Think of the posibilities. Consider coating the customs scanner containers. Make sure fixtures in sanitary facilities are as secure as they can be. Protect hand rails on stairs and escalators and elevator control panels. Make your shopping or luggage carts safer to use. The options are myriad - just reach out, if you'd like us to help pinpoint what we can do.

Made in Germany

Groundbreaking technology, made by engineers with extensive experience. Gründlich clean.


Because of the longevity of each application, SP20 will safe a lot of money. No need to apply repeatedly. One layer will last up to 12 months.

Used to heavy traffic

We know our way around all airport operations, and can help pinpoint the critical points in many other situations (shops, public areas, checkout, customer service, production).


Fricke SP20 anti-virus surface coating
Type Solvent based Water based
Container sizes 250 ml (with cap)
250 ml (with dosing cannula)
1000 ml
Protection per
up to 12 months
Density @20°C 0.82 g/cm³ 1.06 g/cm³
Solids content
(% weight)
12 - 15 ± 20
Solvent content
(% weight)
75 < 5
Recommended application 10 - 15 g/m² 60 - 80 g/m²
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does virucidal mean?

Virucidal means rendering viruses harmless. Most conventional approaches to keep surfaces clean rely primarily on desinfecting agents to kill viruses and bacteria. These approaches can work either chemically or physically. Either way, they involve a lot of repeating effort.

The virucidal characterics of SP20 mean that our coating blocks bacteria and viruses from attaching to surfaces in the first place.

What is a coating?

A coating is an additional layer. In the case of SP20, this extra layer serves primarily to make the underlying material biologically resistant to bacteria and viruses. The coating layer adds a protective function.

Why is SP20 coating this effective?

This coating has proven to be effective against enveloped viruses (like corona), staphylococci and coliform bacteria. The effects have been proven in laboratory tests.

SP20 coating schematic view: protects surfaces against viruses and bacteria

The coating creates a barely noticeable, but very tough and poreless nano-layer. This very thin lacquer coating allows the treated surfaces to be cleaned fast and easily.

SP20 has, in addition to its bactericidal effects, a fundamental effect against the coronavirus-family, including influenza (H1N1) and COVID-19 (SARC-CoV-2). Effective protection against infection transmission through door handles, buttons, railings etc. - is proven in laboratory tests and in practice, especially against enveloped viruses (including corona).

Approved by the German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BUaU).

Functional characteristics

The porefree surface stops enveloped viruses, like corona and influenza, from reaching the protected materials. This also eases the cleaning and disinfection procedures.

Because of the coating's remarkable surface tension, hydrophile membranes in virus envelopes can not (or only very poorly) attach to the surface. The biologically active connections attack the virus enevelope. The virus envelope is rendered porous and the viruses die. This inhibits further infections.

Why is SP20 coating unique?

SP20 is the only coating of this sort that works based on the molecular structure.

Some products appear somewhat similar, but contain additions like silver ions, heavy chemicals or rapidly evaporating elements.

Our virucidal protection lacquer on the other hand works for 12 months on the treated surface. After that period, reapplication will easily restore the full effectiveness.

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Attention: Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.